Complete t-shirt designing solution.

Complete t-shirt designing solution.

Key features are :


  • Ability to design all-over print apparel
  • Ability to add elements from a database, organized in folders
  • Ability to search in the elements’ database
  • Ability to upload custom images or import images from Facebook or Instagram
  • Ability to add text, possibility to choose from Google Fonts, possibility to add texture, allow curved text
  • Standard set of tools (Move, Resize, Rotate, Align, Duplicate, Transparency, Crop, Mirror, DPI Checker, etc.) for both elements and user uploaded images
  • Pre-defined design areas, element/images can be moved & resized to fit a “Chest Piece” or “Heart Logo”
  • Helper tools : Ability to activate/deactivate sticky landmark like an horizontal middle line, vertical middle line, etc.
  • Responsiveness and mobile compatibility
  • Clean user interface
  • Possibility to submit orders to the shop (goes to a pending list), use product information as a template for a new product, user can set his own price (with a minimum), add email notifications
  • Handles variations (Size : Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, etc.) and display price
  • Possibility to display the product designer directly or the native WooCommerce product page (with a “Customize” button) on a product-level.
  • Possibility to save products
  • Multiple views possible (front of the product, back of the product, sleeve, etc.)

* (Optional) It would be nice if we’d have a drop-down menu for printing methods, which restricts features based on the printing method. IE : Sublimation can print everywhere whereas DTG has a specific printing area you cannot go outside, Screenprinting is limited to 9 colors, etc.

Back End

  • Export to print file (HD PNG, HD JPG or SVG) which handles high resolution file and big chunk of data
  • Upload all images/exports to an AWS S3 Bucket, display an upload progress bar
  • Easy management of elements, orders and submissions
  • Elements can be locked (everyone can use them and buy them, but cannot submit designs using a locked element to their shop)