Joomla Hats Design Tool

Nowadays, designing hats are very in-demand for the new generation. It is a pleasant way to give a unique look to a personal item using your own artistic skill. With this, your customers can express their creativity and find your printing business more appealing than the other competitors.

The Joomla product designer software empowers online users to customize their own shirt, mobile cases,  bags, mugs, and hats using colors, style, flip rotate, text and scale according to their requirements. It does not need additional software to use the application on the server which is a big advantage for your business. Joomla’s online product designer is also compatible with most operating systems. With this AHS’s available application, your online customers have the leeway to customize their desired products without any hassle. They can easily add and edit product details. Furthermore, the software has extremely unique features which are highly secure and easy to handle.

Get ready to make your online customers wonder with a product designer tool that let your end-users design their chosen product like shirt, mug, hat, or  iPhone case. No doubt, the online business industry is changing so fast.  The need to cope up and embrace the latest technology is a must to put your business on top of your competitors. Using a rich online designing software will ensure the success of your business in the near future.  Joomla Hats Design Tool is not just a designer tool, but a totally online store solution that offers amazing features.

Product Features

  • all products can be loaded in the design tool
  • products can be browsed by category
  • allows product preview information
  • easy to change a product  for customize designing
  • allows product  details viewing  such as product image, size, color, and product description
  • all products can be customized using text, clipart, and uploaded images

Clipart Features

  • Cliparts can be loaded on each page
  • Cliparts can be browsed by category
  • Clipart previewing
  • Clipart can be added to the product
  • Clipart can be changed from different colors
  • Clipart layer selection
  • Duplicate clipart
  • Move clipart
  • Scale clipart
  • Delete clipart

Text Features

  • Customize text
  • Edit text
  • Text outline
  • Text shadow
  • Flexible text color
  • Delete text

Printing Features

  • support printing with PDF and PND file
  • file output is huge


Sharing Features
Share design and upload through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Why Choose AHS’s Joomla Product Designer Tool?

  • Cost effective customization service
  • quick to install
  • easy integration
  • use JavaScript and ajax (NO FLASH)
  • well-detailed user manual
  • 24/7 technical support
  • free updates for latest features
  • quality print output
  • multilingual
  • user-friendly

Who would not love the idea of exploring an online designer tool which is easy to install, easy to implement, and easy to navigate? Enrich your online business with high quality features of an online designer tool using AHS’s featured software. Hurry and take advantage with our Joomla Hats Design Tool which can be easily integrated in any shopping cart!