Greeting Card Design Tool

Greeting Card Design Tool is anĀ Online Design Tool that can be integrated with any CMS platform: Magento , Joomla and WordPress. (available also for any platform)

Greeting Card Design Tool is a professional, all-in-one design tool software suite to help users personalize your products and place order online.

Greeting Card Design Tool

We offer multiple options for maintaining and enhancing the application including:

A feature rich design tool that allows users to personalize the products using texts, cliparts and uploading images.

It offers exciting features like:

  • Add Text, Add Clipart, Upload Image (from user’s computer or from social sites)
  • Save design in user account
  • Many effects (bold, outline, shadow and more)
  • Drag and drop
  • Print to PDF
  • Rotating & scaling
  • Design both Front & Back sides of the product
  • Retrieve saved designs in SVG format (XML native image format)
  • Manage image gallery for each user
  • Preview the design on both sides
  • Zoom the design area
  • Leave notes on the design for the production team

multiple layouts limited or not 2

We can add many more features such as:

  • Share the design with friend
  • Change the product while keeping the customizations as it is
  • Get price quote on your design before ordering
  • Help on design tool features

What is included by default:

  • Customizations as per requirements agreed upfront
  • FREE Support for the tool API
  • Hosting on request (1 year free)
  • Training and How to provided during the project and in the support period

We specialize in developing custom web to print solutions for printing industry. Online Cases – Design Tool Solution is one of the many web2print solutions that we have off the shelf for digital and offset printers.Others being : Canvas ~ Clothing ~ Greeting Cards ~ Signs ~ Label ~ Promotional ~ Banners ~ Brochures ~ Flyers ~ Business Cards ~ Magazines etc.

Having an in depth knowledge of the printing Industry gives us the advantage of looking at things from the printers’ point of view and so, we are more receptive to the little intricacies that are crucial for print quality results.