Prestashop Hats Design Tool

Prestashop Hats Design Tool

At this point in time, custom hats design tool online is getting more popular amongst people. Because of its great response of the market, some website owners have included online design tool to give their users completely different experience. One of the best design tools on hand today is the Prestashop hats design tool.  This online design tool provides complete custom designing capability for making online artwork on hats.

The Prestashop hats design tool allows user to personalize and customize hats through placing custom artwork with their own statements and assist in making it exceptional and interesting. This tool also offers you a best platform to show your uniqueness and creativity on hats. With personalized custom hats, you can make and flaunt your own design statement amongst others.

A person could make custom art on hats through utilizing this easy to use hats designer tool with ease. You can personalize your hats through utilizing sizes, style and colors according to your demands and needs. Aside from that, you can also take in clip art from the gallery or edit the color, scale, flip, change layer and rotate. You can also add text to the design; change the text color, the fonts, the font style from italic to bold and etc.

The first exceptional feature included in this designer tool is the capability to design many views like back, front and sides.

Features of Prestashop Hats Design Tool

Rich User Friendly Interface: This online hats, designer tool comes with the rich user friendly interface. It provides some remarkable things to you for a remarkable experience like a large media library filled with superior graphic, easy to use templates as well as colors and font styles.

No Limitation in Platform: It’s cross browser and cross platform solution, users could now think going above the browser restrictions and leverage in diverse platforms like smartphones, laptop and other device.

Easy Uploading of Images: You can upload pictures easy from your computer to make customized products.

Customize Every time you want:  This online design tool offering you the power to add color and text to the clip art and customize it as for every custom needs. Through leveraging its simple to utilize front characteristics, you can put in single line text and message on your design in diverse font styles and sizes. Personalize the text message through applying diverse types of texts such as underline, italic, bold, special text treatment such as shadow, borders, bulge and arching as well as adding color.

Add to Wish-List: wishlist is another essential feature of this online design tool which allows you to same your custom artwork to the cart for upcoming purchases.

Some other notable features of this state of the art Prestashop hats design tool take account of the following:

  • Search option
  • Easy to setup and implement
  • Retrieve password option
  • Design Management
  • Font management
  • Newsletter Manager

Personalize and customize hats through using this hats design tool and show off your own design and style amongst others.